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    Welcome to the world of Galadia

If you have ever watched/played any anime video or game and you play RPGs than you probably have noticed how well some of the aspects of this anime and can work into role-playing games. Galadia is a game that uses aspects of all types of anime, console RPGs (especially Squaresoft ). The world is flavorful and rich. This game is very high powered (but significantly less than DragonBall Z) and includes many strange anime aspects (I'm sorry no hammerspace). The genre is shonen (anime for boys (i.e. violent, fighting, powers) with some comedy, romance, and horror added in for flavor.  Galadia uses the Big Eyes, Small Mouth rules and some of it's supplements.

(I'm sorry this page isn't to fancy, I was in a rush to get the game started. At least it gets the point across.)

Character Creation   

The World of Galadia

My Rules 

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